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The FAVA website delivers information about FAVA, common problems and issues confronting families of veterans in need, and information about organizations and sources available for assistance. By joining FAVA, you will receive access FAVA's Handbook that contains information necessary to assist the families of veterans in need. The Handbook will provide information relevant to any inquiry that a family in need may have, including the names of organizations and their contacts, email addresses, websites and phone numbers, all maintained and updated on a regular basis.

FAVA Alumni & Registration Coming Soon

Thank you for your interest in FAVA. The organization is currently making sure that the process to register is in working order, so we'd like for you to check back shortly when the registration system is ready to take your membership submission. In the meantime, please feel free to contact us by email at fava@westcare.com or call us at (641) 243-4103.