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The FAVA Battle Buddy Program

Honor, Allegiance and Victory are the first group of "Spokes dogs" being raised and educated by FAVA Educators. The Battle Buddy program is one of FAVA's educational outreach programs.

Each of the "Spokes dogs" will be out in public during training as well as visiting Elementary schools and teaching children about service dogs. Educating about our wounded veterans and how a service dog helps them. Teaching children when they see a service dog in public that they are not to ask to pet it and also not to ask someone why they have a service dog. FAVA is publishing a book entitled, "Honor, The Service Dog", this book after publication will be used at Elementary schools and public libraries. The book will be read to students and children and then left at the Elementary school for their library and at the public library. A FAVA Spokes dog will attend with the educator that is reading to the students. This is an opportunity and setting that the children are allowed to pet the service dog and for the children to be able to ask questions.

The Spokes dogs are used in educational outreach programs to military families, to communities, to colleges & technical schools, to attorneys & judges, to corporations and businesses and to law enforcement. Each piece concentrates on specific topics for that audience and service dog access is in each piece as well as the reasons that service dogs are used by veterans.

FAVA's Spokes dogs are trained for PTSD-Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and TBI-Traumatic Brain Injury specifics as well as mobility trained. FAVA has a number of educators working with our Spokes dogs.

The Battle Buddy program and all of FAVA's educational outreach programs are made possible by the generous donations from individuals, businesses, corporations and grants.

Thank you for your commitment to FAVA and the work that we do for veterans and families of veterans!

Application form for the Battle Buddy Service Dog is now available. Click here for a printable PDF.

Donations Accepted for the Battle Buddy Program
Note: All donation transactions are in U.S. Dollars (USD)


FAVA is made possible by the efforts of many individuals and like-minded organizations. One of those benefactors is the WestCare Foundation.

WestCare devotes its best collective and individual efforts to uplift the human spirit by consistently improving, expanding and strengthening the quality, efficacy and cost-effectiveness of everything we do. Help us empower everyone with whom we come into contact to engage in a process of healing, growth and change, benefiting themselves, their families, coworkers and communities.

All proceeds will go to FAVA and its neverending attempt to assist and help the many families of veterans.