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Charter of the FAVA Organization

Mission Statement

The mission is to provide information, education, advocacy and support to families of veterans and veterans.


The Organization is founded on the principle that all Veterans, having selflessly dedicated themselves to their Country as members of the military services, are eminently deserving of the respect and attention of their Country in ensuring that their special needs upon re-entry into civilian life are attended to with dignity. No Veteran should be left behind.


  • All Veterans who face medical, legal, economic, or social disadvantage as a result of their military service should be afforded the resources to overcome these challenges.
  • Family members and friends of Veterans who are involved with assisting their Veterans in surmounting these difficulties should be provided the assistance and support necessary to lessen their burden.
  • Family members and friends of Veterans adversely affected by the absence of legal, medical and other assistance necessary to help them overcome adversity are the best placed, in a unified effort, to effect legislative, judicial and social changes necessary to afford fair treatment to their Veterans. For those Veterans who do not have the support of family and friends in their troubles, this Organization is dedicated to fill that gap.
  • Family members and friends of Veterans, united in their purpose, can serve as constructive intermediaries in ensuring that organizations charged with the delivery of services coordinate among each other and the Veteran to maximum effect.
  • The organization is not associated with any political party or group. The efforts of the organization will be directed to achieving nonpartisan support for its programs. Nevertheless, the Organization is dedicated to political, economic and social change that will afford Veterans the resources and fair treatment they have earned and deserve.