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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How is FAVA different from the other similar organizations out there?

A. FAVA is a repository of information for families of veterans and veterans. FAVA has databased resources across the United States dealing with veteran issues. FAVA is networking family to family and vet to vet for great support systems. FAVA listens to stories and responds with information on resources and support systems to help. With FAVA, you are not alone!

Q. What steps do I need to take to become a member of FAVA?

A. It is so easy to become an alumni of FAVA! Fill out the information online and send. FAVA personnel will give you a call or contact you by email and get you set up with an account and information. They want to personally welcome you to FAVA!

Q. Where are the FAVA members from?

A. FAVA alumni and FAVA personnel are from across the United States. FAVA is for family members of veterans and veterans from all eras. FAVA designates a veteran as anyone that has served one day in military service to country.

Q. How is FAVA funded?

A. FAVA relies on donations, grants and fundraising. FAVA also has a great FAVA Shop online that you can purchase the latest FAVA products!