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FAVA is committed to defending the values that serve as the bedrock of our great society.

First and foremost, we stand united against an agenda of hate and intolerance. We strive to create an organization that rewards a healthy balance of diversity, empowerment and expression; builds communities and the lives therein; and keeps us moving forward towards a more promising future.

We honor our organizational values that are dedicated to supporting the families of veterans with PTSD and other war related injuries, defending freedom and fostering an agenda of human tolerance.


We welcome you to the Family Alliance for Veterans of America (FAVA) website. Our goal is to provide information, education, advocacy and support to families of veterans and veterans. We do this by building both online and on-the-ground outreach to families of veterans and to veterans themselves. This website will serve as a repository of information and it will strive to create a vast resource for families of veterans and veteran men and women both state-to-state and nationally.

FAVA has established a dedicated group of knowledgable individuals whose aim is to help families when and where they can on a national level. Its goal is to expand this growth to root in other states that see the benefit of veteran family assistance.

FAVA networks families with other families in their immediate state and local area. In turn, it will connect families with other families, across the country, who are going through the same things, forming an incredible network of resource and support. FAVA also networks with other veteran organizations to make a difference in the lives of families of veterans and veterans. Welcome home.

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